Spreading the Dharma through Enkyoji Publications

Our publications serve not only as a source, but also an outlet for those seeking to share the Dharma.

Enkyoji publications strives to eliminate barriers, such as location and language by being an accessible multilingual resource. Found between our pages is the culmination of combined efforts of individuals around the world.

About Enkyoji Publications

- Rev. Kanjin Cederman

Enkyoji Publications is an integral part of the Enkyoji Buddhist Network. We decided to begin Enkyoji Publications due to the many teachings that we wanted to share in support of people all around the world that may not have access to Buddhist publications. Also, we wanted to create the first magazine centered on the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism in general, because there was no resource specifically focused on this teaching. This is how the “Bridge Magazine” was born.

As our membership has grown, we wanted to bring all the Sangha’s, teachers, and members throughout the world into a source of sharing what we have been accomplishing and doing. It is so wonderful to see how we have become a entrance for many people to enter the path of Buddhism. Supporting people is our Mission and we thank everyone for their wonderful support, and we look lovingly to the bright future.

Issue 11, Fall/Winter 2021 now Available.

The Bridge serves as a thread, woven through the spaces we fill with our efforts and connecting each of us to the essence of Sangha. The intrinsic nature of interconnection is profoundly supported by action, participation, and practice; and spread through written word.


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The Enkyoji Publishing Team

The publishing team consists of volunteers.

Rev. Kanjin Cederman
Rev. Kanjin Cederman Coordinator
Shami Kantoku Pena  Escobar
Shami Kantoku Pena Escobar Editorial Director
Minna Cederman-Kobayashi
Minna Cederman-Kobayashi Designer

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